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Ce faci dupa sesiune? -oportunitate voluntariat international – AIESEC Romania

January 9, 2013
Take a 6 week volunteering internship abroad with AIESEC, between February and May
AIESEC  offers somewhere around 10.000 Global Community Development internships (Volunteering) in 113 countries! The most popular are:Greece, Russia  Czech Republic, Italy, Brazil, Portugal, Turkey, Poland and many others.
The domains we bring for you are: Ecology, Social Issues, Cross Cultural education, Tourism, Development and Training and many others

Green Rush- Ukraine, National project, happening in Kiev Odessa, Donetsk etc
Imagini inline 2
The aim of the project is to generate awareness and strengthen commitment to the environment through education and actions based on principals of sustainability and ecology friendly behavior. First task is to present the idea of Eco sustainability to school pupils, university students, NGOs members of UkraineParticipate in promotion, organization and realization of national cleanup event in frames of “World cleanup 2013â€� and other events, attract pupils and students to events
Accommodation provided (dorms, host families); Food provided (we give 200 UAH per week)
Start Date 06.03.2013   End Date 28.04.2013
Young & Perspective (AIESEC Krasnodar), Russia
The interns will come to secondary and high schools. During 6-8 weeks they will carry lessons dedicated to environment (pollution, global warming, human behavior in this issues). At the end they will make an ecology project with their students that will be presented at final forum.
 to make lessons about environment problems and create new ideas to solve them
 to raise the spirit of tolerance, mutual respect of different nationalities, cultures, religions
 to increase the interest of students in other cultures
to break language barriers, improving communicative skills
to involve children in the learning process
to increase students’ knowledge of ecology in your country and abroad
Start Date 15.01.2013   End Date 01.03.2013
Green Hug, Malaya, Malaysia

Green Hug is established in University of Malaya with collaboration with Environmental Secretariat of University of Malaya. Our vision is to transform the university into a sustainable campus. Intern is required to work with the Environmental Secretariat of University of Malaya (UMCARES) in support of environmental initiatives in the University of Malaya. Intern will be facilitated and guided by a coordinator from UMCARES throughout this project.
Start Date 01.04.2013   End Date 13.05.2013
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